Family Sessions


Welcome to my family shoot page!

thanks for contacting me about documenting your family. below should be all the info you need about my family sessions. if anything isn't covered, feel free to ask!



my approach is  pretty simple but non-traditional (as far as family shoots go): i want us to have a blast. i'm trying to capture real moments. i want us to create great images together, but i don't want to put your family through anything hard to get there. i have two kids of my own, so i know how a family shoot can go. because of that, i'm extra laid back. we'll roam around, let the kids play and explore, sometimes even have them snap a few photos themselves!

my style is mainly documentation/fly on the wall with a touch of stylized posing at the right moments. i love bright colors, weird buildings and textures, wandering, laying on the ground, climbing things. let's try to do whatever we can to make the shot a little weirder.
i want you all to focus on and get wrapped up in some great family time... forget i'm there, and in those moments, we'll create the gold.

in the sample galleries below, and on my website you'll see some variations on traditional "look at the camera" photos.
you will also so what i like to just call "moments" photos. those are the ones where it looks like your family was out playing/exploring/spending time together, and someone just happened to take a great photo of you all in the moment.


The One and Only - $350.00

  • 1 hour session
  • various locations and wardrobe changes if desired
  • between 50 & 100 edited, printable High Resolution images delivered digitally
  • online gallery for downloading and print ordering


click on images below to view sample family sessions 

baldwin family

baldwin family

frenzel family

frenzel family

miadich family

miadich family

extra information

  • i encourage families to wear clothes they feel most comfortable and confident in. be you! the less "matchy-matchy" your outfits are, the more these feel natural and real, and less "family photo"
  • if you have young children, lets dialogue about when their best times of day may be to shoot
  • coming in to the shoot, don't worry about your kids having to sit still. we will let their personalities shine, let them play, and make this fun for everyone
  • if you want to include your family pet, or if you think an extra hand might help with your kiddos, let me know and i can bring an assistant (for a small fee) or you could bring along a friend or relative. trust me, the extra hands go a long way.