Hi, I’m Jered.

I’m a photographer based out of Chattanooga, TN (but i frequent California and the west coast, my home of the last 20+ years). I shoot bands, weddings, families, brands and lots of other nouns. I’ve been at it for twelve years now and I love what I do. My aim is to capture real life because I think real life is beautiful as is.

I am available to travel worldwide, except maybe Bakersfield—kidding. Love you, Bakersfield.

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Blink 182
Rise Against
New Found Glory


Warner Brothers
Island Def Jam
Tooth & Nail


Ultimate Ears
LR Baggs
Ernie Ball
Glamour Kills
Born and Bred


To Write Love On Her Arms
Invisible Children
These Numbers Have Faces
Sierra Vista Hospital


Featured in:

  • Alternative Press

  • Coyote & Oak

  • Decorated Youth

  • Highlight (no, not highlights - but that would be dope, too)


I’m a (mostly) natural light photographer. I love interesting colors and textures. I seek fun locations. I do minimal retouching. Not big into Photoshop. I'm a simple straight forward guy. 
 After years of finding my way, I’ve found a color edit and a black-and-white edit that I apply to all of my work.
I pull from my influences—the energy of punk rock, the vividness of cartoons, the fun of comedy and the candor of family. I try to mimic as close as I can what I think my family photos from the ‘80s look like. True colors. Vivid. Bright. With a little grain and a little bite. I didn’t mean to rhyme there.


Some photographers only shoot weddings or commercial work. I can’t focus on just one thing. I like shooting people, regardless of context. The variety is what’s interesting and challenging. Following a band around town one day, and working to capture images that will connect with fans, is a different challenge than budgeting my time on a wedding day and working with two people to create something very specific that they will hold on to forever.   And the things I learn from one area, I can implement in another. Where traditionally maybe someone wouldn’t—like bringing a band photography pose idea to a dude and his groomsmen.  


The photos I take are like my own personal yearbook. I look back at these wild moments or once-in-a-lifetime days and smile thinking “Oh I remember that,” or “I’m glad I got to know him.” That’s the feeling I try to pack into the photos I give my clients, friends and family.