ernie ball

over the last year I've had the pleasure of working with Ernie Ball on some cool ads. its great when older photos get a second life. here are mike dirnt of green day, bryce avary of the rocket summer and mike herrera of mxpx.

the photos of dirnt and herrera ran as ad's in alternative press magazine. the photo of bryce, and the one of herrera were on display all warped tour last summer as big wall pieces in the ernie ball tent.

nothing like seeing 10 foot tall versions of your photos.


matt and charlotte | mt. hood, oregon


matt and i met on a non-profit trip to south africa back in 2010. since then we've traveled back to africa, hung out in portland, and shot a few bands together. when he told me he got engaged to charlotte i was ecstatic. she is quite the rad gal if you don't know her. it was a complete honor getting to create with these two back in september.




thanks for checking out my brand new site!

as several guys refocuses its direction i wanted to have a place that features the avenues i've been heading further down. this year brought more families, couples, bands, brands, and even a presidential candidate in front of my lens...

these are a few moments that made me extra happy this year. let's see what we can make with 2017.